The Environmental Key Fund Ltd (EKF) is an incorporated Company established in 2004 to distribute Landfill Community Fund (LCF) monies to environmental and community based projects; and in July 2011 the EKF began to distribute grant support for the Blacklaw Windfarm Community Benefit Programme.


Unfortunately due to the recent closure of Auchinlea Landfill Site, Landfill Communities Fund Applications to the EKF are now closed.


However applications to the Blacklaw Windfarm Community Benefit Programme have reopened.


Windfarm Community Benefit Funds arise as a result of a voluntary contribution paid by a developer to benefit communities living in and around new windfarms.

As a result of the development of Blacklaw Windfarm on the boundary of North and South Lanarkshire and West Lothian, Scottishpower Renewables (UK) Limited currently make a small Community Benefit Contribution to North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) but this is anticipated to grow quite significantly in future years as a result of developments currently in operation.

The Blacklaw Windfarm Community Benefit Fund is managed by the Environmental Key Fund (an independent grants management organisation) which is completely separate from NLC.  The scheme is open to communities living closest to the windfarm development through a community and environmental grants scheme

In particular, applicants will be able to apply for main grant funding support of up to £30,000 and small grant funding support of up to £5,000 for projects taking place within the Shotts, Allanton, Bonkle and Hartwood areas of North Lanarkshire and their immediate surrounds – the precise eligible grant area for projects seeking support from the Blacklaw Windfarm Community Benefit Fund is highlighted in the map below.


Objectives of Fund 

Any not for profit organisation or community group (except North Lanarkshire Council or Council controlled bodies) seeking a grant for projects taking place or benefiting communities within this highlighted area may apply for funding support from the Community Benefit Fund where this project meets one of the following five objectives.

Objective 1:

providing, maintaining or improving a public park or other community facility for leisure or recreational purposes.

Objective 2:

protecting or improving the conservation of identified Biodiversity Action Plan species or


Objective 3:

maintaining, repairing or restoring a place of religious worship or a building or structure

that has architectural or historical significance (with Grade A or B listed status).

Objective 4:

encouraging the more efficient use of energy.

Objective 5:

reducing fuel poverty.


How to Apply

For further information, support for applicants on eligibility, guidance, application forms and deadlines for submissions to the Blacklaw Windfarm Community Benefit Fund please contact Ellen Archibald at the Environmental Key Fund on
 01236 632855 or e-mail